Browns Clinic Dermatology

Browns Clinic Dermatology is a private medical service, authorised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), to provide monitored treatments for those suffering with Chronic Skin Conditions. These include; Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Skin Lesion Recognition, Skin Cancer and Hyperhydrosis.

Specialist Dermatology Nurse and Prescriber, Marion Brown, is able to support GP Practices and for those seeking private care with existing and diagnosed chronic skin conditions.

Browns Clinic also provides a skin screening service, that will assist in the diagnosis of a chronic skin condition, also any suspicious changes of a skin lesion ‘mole’.

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Marion Brown works along side dermatologists, who will send a report of their assessment to Browns Clinic.

Your skin is seen by dermatologists following pre assessment.

Browns Clinic can refer back to patients GPs, thus potentially speeding up the referral into the NHS service.

Browns Clinic Dermatology, provides flexible appointments, blood taking, monitored medication and effective after care communication with follow ups or urgent zoom appointments. The focus is to improve her patients daily living and mental health.

Referrals to Browns Clinic can be made via your GP. Details are on the appointments page.

Marion Brown - Dermatology Specialist Nurse

Marion Brown
Dermatology Specialist Nurse 
Chronic Skin Conditions
Skin Cancer

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